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Spezialvorlesung im Sommersemester

Special Topics of Technical Physics: Physics of Fluids, Nonlinear Dynamics and Thermal

(Three 50 minute lectures per week, or two 75-minute lectures per week, for 14 weeks)
Instructor: Yong W. Kim, Professor of Physics, Lehigh University

Course Content in Fluids (7 weeks):
- Navier-Stokes Equations: Poiseuille Flow; Stokes Law; Sound (nine 50 min lectures)
- Waves in Fluids: Surface Gravity Waves; Surface Solitary Waves (eight 50 min lectures)
- Rayleigh-Benard Convection (five 50 min lectures)
- Fluid Instabilities: Kelvin-Helmholtz; Rayleigh-Taylor (six 50 min lectures)

Course Content in Nonlinear Dynamics (5 weeks):
- Periodically-Kicked Rotator (three 50 min lectures)
- Feigenbaum Theory (three 50 min lectures)
- Lorenz Model (three 50 min lectures)
- Method of Time Delays (two 50 min lectures)
- Intermittency (two 50 min lectures)
- Strange Attractor (two 50 min lectures)

Course Content in Thermal Physics (2 weeks)
- Quantum Ideal Gas and Bose-Einstein Condensation (BEC) (two 50 min lecture)
- Laser Cooling of Atoms: BEC in Atomic Gas (three 50 min lecture)
- BEC in Photon Gas (one 50 min lecture)


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