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Summer Schools 2013

Noch kein Praktikum im Sommer? Dann besuch doch eine Summer School!

17th JCNS Lab Course on Neutron Scattering

Vorlesungen und Übungen in Jülich

  • Introduction: Neutron Scattering in Contemporary research
  • Neutron Sources
  • Symmetry of Crystals
  • Diffraction
  • Nanostrucktrues Investigated by Small Angle Neutron Scattering
  • Macromolecules (structure)
  • Spin Dependent and Magnetic Scattering
  • Structural Analysis
  • Neutron Reflectometry
  • Magnetic Nanostructures
  • Inelastic Scattering
  • Strongly Correlated Electrons
  • Dynamics of Macromolecules
  • Applications of Neutorn scattering


  • Backscattering spectrometer
  • Polarisation analysis
  • Reflectometer
  • Neutron spin echo
  • Small angle scattering
  • Ultra-small angle scattering
  • Single crystal diffraction
  • Triple-axis spectrometer
  • Powder diffractometer
  • Time-of-flight spectrometer
  • Cold neutron triple-axis spectormeter

School/workshop on Superconductivity – Theory, Experiments, and Phenomena (STEP-2013)

Exact and Numerical Models of Low-Dimensional Quantum Structures

SUMMER SCHOOL: Introduction to Quantum Systems and Devices 2013

Autumn School on Correlated Electrons: Emergent Phenomena in Correlated Matter


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