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Disc Golf

When: Saturday 24th of September Where: Schöckl ("Hausberg" of Graz) What: Disc Golf - combination of frisbee and golf How: see below, there are various possibilities to join the group, starting with the bus in Graz Register on doodle (see below) see also Facebook event:

Dear PhDs,
on Saturday, 24th of September we will meet on Graz “Hausberg” Schöckl to play disc golf. In short, you get a disc and need to get it into a basket. Similar as in normal golf, your shots will be counted (for more information, look up Wikipedia reference: wiki/Disc_golf).

The times for the tour are:
08:42: Departure from Graz Jakomini Platz with bus number 250 (http:// j16/stv_40250__j16.pdf)
9:19: Arrival at the valley station of the cable car. We will hike up to the mountains top, on the path beneath the cable car. Hiking time is approximately 1.5 hours. Alternative one can the cable car to the mountain top.
11:00: Meeting at Alpengasthof and time for refreshment and/or a small snack.
12:00: Start of the disc golf tournament. The tournament will take ca. 2.5 hours.
15:30 (ca.): We will start to descend back to the valley station. The last bus we need to get on leaves at 18:00 from the station. If we need more time for the game, we will take the cable car.
Alternative, one can make his/her own way up and meet with us latest at 13:00 at Alpengasthof . Note, that expanses are with the participants.
Please check on the doodle if you want to attend the PhD disc golf game and state if you will go by bus, or make your own way. zqbw8idx5td7rrz5

Your PhD Union
organized by Jakob


see also the Facebook event

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