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Some impressions of the Bubble Soccer Tournament

The Bubble Soccer Tournament was great - just look at the pictures :)

Five teams competed for the first price, which was basically poster rolls and our new PhD Union bags for everyone.

The classification:

  1. Team Allstar (the team was randomly mixed)
  2. Bubble Sort
  3. Ex Physik (ex equo to second place)
  4. Bio Bubble Basterds (BBB) (ex equo to second place)
  5. Phantasseln

Winning Allstars team:

Winning Team of the first Bubble Soccer Tournament

It was a very close tournament since 3 teams had exactly the same amount of points, the goal differences of the games amongst them where crutial for the final classification.

It was so much fun, that we already think about the next tournament - so stay tuned ;)

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